RxHelp ONE™

It’s About Choice.

Benefits programs are constantly evolving to fit employee needs in the ever changing prescription drug market. We are excited to offer our plan members a new innovative program, RxHelp ONE™.

The program, sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers, is a patient choice program covering dozens of medications and allows you to remain on participating brand medications at little or no additional cost versus the generic alternative.

Instructions to obtain your personalized card:

  1. Visit www.RxHelpOne/WG
  2. Click Get Your Card Now.
  3. Select your province.
  4. A list of medications available in your province will be generated, click all that apply.
  5. Enter name and email address and a personalized card will be created for you.
  6. Provide the pharmacist with the list of medications with a valid new or existing prescription.
  7. Be sure to ask for brand name drug.

Examples of popular medications currently available include:

  • Lipitor® (atorvastatin calcium)
  • Celebrex® (celecoxib)
  • Singulair® (montelukast sodium)
  • Ezetrol® (ezetimibe)
  • Maxalt® (rizatriptan benzoate)
  • Tri-Cylen® Lo (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol)

The program is FREE and intended to give members a choice when their group drug plan is mandatory generic. But everyone can benefit from the convenience of an RxHelp ONE™ card by offsetting the cost difference of brand name medications, even if your plan does not have generic restrictions.

To view a complete list of medications available on the program, go to www.RxHelpOne/WG and click on all of the medications you are taking. It will automatically generate a list you can take to your pharmacist.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact your Winch Group Benefit Advisor.